3d Experience
3d Experience
3d Experience
3d Experience
3d Experience
3d Experience
A studio of creative professionals, helping you define, connect and grow your business
Guiding brands towards a more contemporary feeling
Art concepts, opportunities and greater value
Client-first oriented experts and growth-hack specialists
We'll help you achieve your goals and ambitions
Greater reach, means bigger impact

a creative studio
transforming reality

we are a full in-house multidisciplinary creative studio solving problems and providing Value-Based solutions for clients looking to standout within the market

At the wall, being impactful is at the core of everything we do. We believe that every piece of work we create must have a significant impact on our clients' businesses. Impactful work doesn't just mean delivering visually striking designs; it means creating work that resonates with the audience, creates a lasting impression, and inspires action.

#01 Impactful

We are not just creating art, we are building brands, products, and experiences that transform how our clients' businesses are perceived. Our team of creative professionals is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is possible to deliver impactful work that truly makes a difference.


We are not just a creative studio, we are a growth partner to our clients. Empowering our clients' businesses is our ultimate goal. We believe in delivering work that not only looks good but also helps our clients achieve their business objectives.
We empower our clients through our expertise in growth-hacking, using the latest design trends and technologies, and creating custom end-to-end business solutions.
Our client-first oriented approach ensures that we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our solutions to meet them. We believe that empowering our clients is the only way to build lasting partnerships and create work that truly makes a difference.

A studio specialising in digital experience design, as seen on

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A value-driven, focused and innovative Designer and brand expert.
Tine Maher
Creative Lead
Professional Work
Branding, Design
Web Development
Business Strategy
Webflow Certified Expert
Webflow Template Designer
Framer Template Designer
An intuitive, thoughtful and creative illustrator and messaging expert.
Zala Česnik
Editorial Illustration
Professional Work
Founder of Mona Art
Gallery Artist
Fine Arts Educator

The wall. is a creative studio for brands daring to standout

We create the most astonishing and memorable brands, products and experiences, which transform the way you’re perceived.

Working with us means choosing a truly custom end-to-end business solution, which design wise is daring.

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